Ford investigated over possible defect in torque converters in Windstar and Taurus models.

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Lawyers are investigating possible defects in the torque converters in Ford Taurus and Windstar vehicles. The vehicles experience sheering or stripping of the torque converter which are the result of pressure from the pump shaft, particularly in model years, 2006-2010. The result is replacement of these units and possibly damage to other related equipment.

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Ebony H. said
909 days ago
I have a 2014 ford Fiesta and have a door latch issue. My passenger side back door will not stay shut. I called the dealership and they said they have to order the part and that it will take approximately 2 weeks to get the part in and then they will contact me to bring in to fix. I have my doors tied to one another in the back so it will stay shut, however, I was driving with my friend and 2 kids when we were going around a curve and the door came open and my friend fell out. Luckily she is okay just shaken up, few scratches and bruises. Do you have any suggestions for us moving forward? This has been quite an ordeal and has us distressed in our daily routine and lives and feel we've been brushed off with no regards to our safety concerns considering it is a manufactured ford defect.

Neil H. said
897 days ago
I have a 2004 Ford Taurus SEL where the Transmission went down on all the gears. Its apparent that its a common issue with the Torque converter where the pump shaft spindles wear out in the torque converter housing because of a poor design by Ford. The car has done 71,000 miles only. Ford should pay out of pocket expenses for this very expensive repair. To drop a Tranny on this vehicle takes about 8 hours at a cost of over $100 per hours.

Deborah C. said
840 days ago
Had the same ussue while driving on a busy road. Was abke to pull over. Had mechanic check and it was tge torque converter. Got it reosired at a big orice. I drive a2003 mercury sable. Had the same problem on my 1998 ford taraus.

Karen S. said
776 days ago
Bought an 03 ford Taurus with 105000 miles on it, 6 months later while driving in traffic, transmission went without warning..after searching online I see that this is a known, common problem with this car. It is dangerous. There should be a recall and/or a class action lawsuit against Ford motor co.

DANIEL H. said
410 days ago
My meticulously cared for and serviced 2005 Mercury Sable LS had just turned 57,000 miles when the torque converter suddenly, with no warning, went out while driving 65 mph down the highway. Fortunately, I was on a rural interstate highway and not in fast city traffic. I was able to easily coast to a stop and get the car off the road. I shudder to think what could and would have happened if I would have been in Austin or Dallas or Denver or any large city's fast freeway traffic. I am sorely disappointed in Ford Mercury and will likely not buy from them again. They have obviously known about this problem. People can easily die when this serious malfunction happens with Ford's cheap torque converter. This is not even mentioning the headaches and numerous incurred expenses I have experienced since this problem happened on June 23, 2018

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