Department of Education revokes accreditation from ACICS, the accrediting body for Corinthian and other for-profit institutions



In June, Education Dept. staff and an advisory panel each voted in favor revoking ACICS’s accreditation. That decision has now been finalized by a Department of Education senior designated official, was made based on findings that the organization failed to properly monitor and discipline the colleges it oversees.

The ACICS came under increased scrutiny after the collapse of Corinthian Colleges in 2015, with regulators asking how the accreditor missed apparently obvious red flags. If ACICS had pulled CCI’s accreditation, it could have stopped billions in federal aid money going to these schools.

The DOE report found numerous failings by ACICS including failing to address how well graduates of its accredited institutions succeed on licensing exams, failing to provide documentation of schools’ relationship with licensing related entities, and failing to clarify and document its entire process for the recruitment, selection, and verification of the qualifications and experience possessed by those selected to serve on the agency’s evaluation teams and decision-making bodies.


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