BMW named in class action lawsuit over comfort access feature IN X5 vehicles


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As alleged, the comfort access feature is a convenience feature integrated into the Class Vehicles, and their remote controls. With regard to the functionality of the comfort access feature, the BMW NA owners’ manual states, “The concept: The vehicle can be accessed without activating the remote control. All you need to do is to have the remote control with you, e.g., in your jacket pocket. The vehicle automatically detects the remote control when it is nearby or in the passenger compartment.

Comfort access supports the following functions: Unlocking/locking of the vehicle.” The owners’ manual goes on to say, “Functional requirement: To lock the vehicle, the remote control must be located outside of the vehicle.” The owners’ manual clearly instructs operators of Class Vehicles that in order to lock the vehicle, the remote control must be located outside of the vehicle, and thus, if the remote control is located inside of the vehicle, the vehicle cannot lock.

As alleged, the comfort feature is defective. Numerous owners and lessees of 2008 through 2015 BMW X5 vehicles have reported that their vehicles have automatically locked while the remote control has been inside of their vehicles, at times trapping children inside their vehicles.

The Class Vehicles consist of all model year 2008 through 2015 BMW X5 vehicles equipped with the comfort access feature, sold or leased to consumers in California.



Deborah L. said
1273 days ago
My BMW X5 2010 would lock when the remote control was in the car. Fortunately, I was able to call BMW Assit and the car always unlocked. The local BMW Dealer replaced the battery in the door it was happening to and it fixed the problem. I now have grandchildren and I always leave a door open till I get in the car. I'm always afraid it will lock and leave me stranded at night with no cell service or lock with my grandchildren in the car.

BMA Management LLC . said
1196 days ago

ANDREW H. said
532 days ago
I have 2014 X5D and it has the problem with sunroof drainage system, which had damaged the bluetooth module and the liftgate module located in the passenger side of the trunk. Spent about $2k to repair, and looking if there is a classaction about this case.

J C. said
180 days ago
I have X5 BMW with faulty Comfort Access. I use my car for work and its one of the most annoying features. It drains my battery over night and cost me well over $1400.00 to this day it doesn't work like its suppose to

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