Bayer named in class action lawsuit over claims made on its One A Day Multivitamins

The lawsuit alleges that Bayer, the maker of a variety of One A Day Multivitamins violated the law by making a series of unsubstantiated claims relating to its vitamins including that they support (a) “heart health,” (b) “immunity,” and (c) “physical energy.”

As alleged in the complaint, vitamin supplements are  credence goods — a good whose qualities consumers are not perfectly able to judge, even after they consume it, due to both the nature of the product as well as unequal access to information.   Accordingly, consumers are unable to fully evaluate its attributes even after purchase.

The complaint contends that the attributes Bayer claims its multivitamins possess are either unsubstantiated or false and that consumers who purchased such products were duped and did not receive the benefit they paid for.

The action seeks a nationwide class consisting of all persons in the United States who purchased Bayer One A Day multivitamins containing one or more Disease Prevention and Energy Claim.

View a copy of the complaint: bayer-complaint

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