Barnes & Noble named in class action lawsuit over defectively designed Nook Reader

Barnes & Noble



This class action arises out of defectively designed chargers for Defendant Barnes and Noble, Inc.’s tablet reading devices, or “e-Readers, branded as the Nook Color and Nook Simple Touch.

According to the complaint, the Nook Color and Nook Simple Touch series contain defectively designed and implemented wall chargers, replacement chargers, and car chargers that dangerously fray and cause the adapters to fail after a few months of use.

As alleged, purchasers of the Nook Color and Nook Simple Touch series have been damaged by purchasing these specific e-Readers and receiving a product that fails to function as reasonably expected. These e-Readers are often rendered completely useless due to the defect.

Plaintiff seeks to represent a class of all persons in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who purchased a Nook Color e-Reader, Nook Simple Touch e-Reader, and/or accompanying charging accessories for consumer or household purposes herein during the Class Period.


Peter C. said
1341 days ago
Same problem with my Nook.

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