About Us

GotAClassAction.com is a website dedicated to bringing consumers the latest in class action news. The website is divided into three sections.

Class Action Investigations & Alerts: is dedicated to providing the latest information about events that may lead to the filing of class actions. Prior to the filing of a class action lawsuit, attorneys must fully investigate claims that have been brought to them to determine both the underlying merit of the claim and its viability as a class action. The class action investigation page highlights some of these investigations and is designed to alert consumers who may be affected. It’s goal is to put together consumers who may have a similar problems with advocates who are trying to confirm the problem and whether it merits resolution through the class action process.

Recently Filed Class Actions: This section is dedicated to alerting consumers of recently filed class actions. Cases that were filed as class action lawsuits will be reported in this area. The recently filed class action section is not limited to a particular kind of class action but will cover a wide variety including: consumer class actions; employment class actions; securities class actions and others. When a user clicks on an entry and reads the whole story, gotaclassaction provides, when available, the type of class action, the class period, the state or states it applies to and a summary of the class action lawsuit.

Settled Class Actions: This section is dedicated to providing consumers with the latest class action settlements so that affected class members will be able to participate. Every class action that is settled must issue what is called class notice – notification to class members of the existence of a class action, its settlement and information on how to participate. While parties to the class action are required to provide the best class notice possible, often times it does not reach all its class members. This can be due to many things. As such, the more publicity a class action settlement receives, the more likely news of it will reach its intended audience – i.e. class members.

Consumers with questions about Class Action Investigations, Recently Filed Class Actions or Class Action Settlements are encouraged to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions.

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